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DNS Server

I run my own nameservers at ns{1,2} which are authoritive for in.@. They are located at Cologix (151 Front St, Toronto) and have excellent latencies to most of southern Ontario.

You may access NS1 using the following:

The servers support DNS over TCP, UDP, TLS (RFC 7858 DoT), on both IPv4 and IPv6, and have the following additional features:

These are semi-public; you’re welcome to use them, but as they’re primarly for my personal use there’s no guarantees.


In my testing, the performance is on par or better than many popular public DNS servers. The below results are generated using DNSPyre requesting 100 domains (list) over IPv4 UDP with concurrency, with cache-warming disabled and the DNS cache reset:

Server DNSPyre (ms/domain) Loss Mean/Max Ping (ms) Mean DPS Delta
ISP Provided DNS 8.39/122.96/1810.0 0.0% 16.690/22.8 5.548x slower
CloudFlare 12.06/86.52/1610 0.3% 16.675/399.5 3.904x slower
Google 12.06/59.95/234.88 0.0% 32.438/14200.0 2.705x slower 8.91/22.16/352.32 0.0% 25.255/187.5

Notes: DNSPyre results are shown as min/mean/max RTT milliseconds per domain. Ping results from AS7992 (residential cable internet) in Hamilton, Ontario, CA, averaged over 500 pings at 10pings/mincc


DoH and QUIC are currently restricted to intranet and whitelisted IP use only. I expect to open these up to internet usage once I have a bit more expereince with them.