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PGP & Identity

3rd-party Identity


Need to provide temporary access using SSH? You can use the following keys:

These keys are stored in software only (not hardware backed) so I have easy access to them.

Test Keys

I use the following cryptographic keys as dummy values during development. They are published here to enforce their ephemerality.

DANGER ZONE: Hopefully it goes without saying, but don’t use these keys for anything important. ANYBODY CAN DECRYPT THEM.

AES-128: 74bf1508f05cd434b236ad36b12054fd
AES-256: R2de0c045c42d910a12f6c064c304b5ff9ce68eff141c7026e8f33c517878b180
Private: 65700422042022ef55fb06ae77919ecfd6db952753bb248c6edf60f89c687f80
Public:  142f2eea4810afc78089263ca620bc521c2e25abdb27e0c149ba88a75de2160d

Emergency Identity Verification

I will release a file matching both of the following fingerprints, similar to a committed identity.

SHA256: cd77be9893af0d5c24e9ec6dcb157ebffc920b46a6b5246127a21578efcb06c3

SHA512: e2fbab27a12e462ff8491e24d268d6a6b8a3a12e490984c77898b96992d367b4 (first 32 bytes)